Cosmetically Enhancing Smiles in St. Louis, MO

Marc Boivin, DDS and Greg Boivin, DDS can fulfill several cosmetic dental needs. One of the most common requests they receive is to help their patients develop a brighter smile, which they can do according to the patient’s convenience. Carondelet Park Dental Care performs teeth whitening services in St. Louis.

In-Office Treatment

For some patients, the effects of teeth bleaching need to be immediate. This often occurs as a result of upcoming major events; the patient requires their brightest smile for a wedding, job interview, or other social functions. Administering a whitening product at home can take too much time in order to receive desires results.

Our St. Louis cosmetic dentistry provides in-office whitening treatments which develop a noticeably brighter smile as soon as treatment is complete. The treatment itself can be completed within an hour, so the desired benefits of the bleaching procedure can be completed at the end of any regular dental appointment. By visiting Carondelet Park Dental Care, you can develop the smile you need for the next big moment in your life.

Take-Home Trays

Alternatively, you may desire to take the teeth whitening treatment home with you. This could be due to your desire to bleach your smile within the conveniences of your own schedule. You could also desire a more consistent result from the procedures that give you a brighter smile. In-office whitening produces immediate results, but unless you return to the dentist on a very regular basis for continued whitening, the improved shade will fade over time.

Carondelet Park Dental Care provides an at-home teeth whitening treatment in addition to our in-office options. The Doctors Boivin first take an impression of your smile to fabricate a custom-fitting application tray. Then, these trays and the whitening gel itself are sent home with you. Depending upon the type of whitening gel, you will either wear the tray overnight or for a period of fifteen minutes a day. In order to develop the expected results, you will need to keep this habit for the prescribed length of time. While the smile will not have the same shade that an in-office treatment offers, you will still have a noticeably brighter smile that lasts for much longer.

Contact Us for a Brighter Smile

Carondelet Park Dental Care provides teeth whitening in St. Louis, helping patient fulfill their cosmetic dental needs. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call our practice today!


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