Cosmetic Dentistry

Come to Our St. Louis Practice for Cosmetic Dental Care

Even healthy teeth may not have the desired appearance that boosts our self-confidence. Carondelet Park Dental Care offers cosmetic dental procedures to address various aesthetic concerns. We are happy to help you obtain a beautiful smile.

Teeth Whitening

Our dentists offer teeth whitening to help you achieve a brighter smile. Dr. Marc Boivin and Dr. Greg Boivin can perform the procedure during an appointment, which produces more immediate results. Alternatively, they can design application trays that you use for at-home whitening treatment; these customized applicators help you achieve a more comfortable and effective whitening experience.

Porcelain Crowns and Bridges

Crowns help your teeth survive tooth decay and injury. These caps both rebuild the structure of the treated tooth and prevent oral bacteria from causing new cavities. Alternatively, if a tooth did not survive decay or trauma and was lost, a bridge can be used to replace it.

While these restorative treatments serve a pragmatic purpose, they can also help enhance your smile’s beauty when made of porcelain. This dental ceramic looks nearly identical to a natural, healthy tooth. As a result, few people will recognize that you have undergone treatment. They will not see a crown or bridge standing out; only your bright, white smile is noticeable.

Dental Implant Restorations

Dental implants are one of the most effective and beautiful replacements for lost teeth. The implant itself works as an artificial tooth root that supports a porcelain crown or bridge. The Drs. Boivin help you receive the beautiful porcelain restoration that you will use with your implants.

Contact Us for Esthetic Treatments

These examples are only a few of the cosmetic dental care options we offer to St. Louis. Carondelet Park Dental Care is dedicated to serving our patients’ needs, including the enhancement of a smile’s appearance. For more information about these procedures, schedule an appointment today!


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