Restoring Decayed Teeth with Root Canal Therapy in St. Louis, MO

Tooth decay can create several health problems, so receiving treatment is critical. However, Doctors Marc and Greg Boivin are able to effectively treat tooth decay, even when it reaches the pulp. Carondelet Park Dental Care provides root canal therapy in St. Louis.

The Root Canal Procedure

During a root canal, our dentists start by creating a pathway into the pulp of the tooth. Through this pathway, the pulp is removed entirely to eliminate any and all decay. Dr. Marc or Dr. Greg Boivin then use a biocompatible seal to fill the tooth’s internal structure.

Finally, a crown is placed to seal the tooth from reinfection and to restore the structural support it needs to function properly. Carondelet Park Dental Care works with a trusted dental laboratory to produce effective restorations, so the crown you receive after a root canal procedure will be reliable.

Once the entire procedure is complete, you will have a healthy smile that functions normally.

Why Are Root Canals Necessary?

Unlike the enamel or dentin, the pulp of a tooth is not able to resist decay effectively. Once part of it becomes infected, the rest of the pulp is at a high enough risk of decay that it needs to be removed. If the pulp could not be removed, then the tooth would require extraction.

If a tooth with internal decay was not extracted or otherwise treated properly, then you would start to experience the effects of advanced tooth decay. In addition to oral health concerns, such as an increased likelihood of further tooth decay and loss, this decay has been linked to heart attacks, strokes, and diabetes. When a tooth’s pulp becomes infected and is left untreated, your overall health is at risk as well.

As such, root canal therapy is the only treatment that can both save the tooth and keep you healthy.

Contact Us for Your Restoration Needs

Carondelet Park Dental Care provides root canal therapy to families in St. Louis and the surrounding communities. Drs. Marc and Greg Boivin also offer several other restorative services to help you strengthen your smile. To find out how else we can bring your smiles back to full health, contact our practice today!


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